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We provide a free domain and web-store to help sell products directly to your customers. Talk to our sales reps to learn how to get started.

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Program Overview

Our team at Gadar will create a custom online ordering platform for your program needs. This will provide your customers with direct access to your products and make individual orders. We handle all of the order processing including warehousing, payment, shipping, and tracking. It makes online ordering easy and seamless for you, and provides the best access to your products for your customers!

At Gadar, we have over 12,000 sq. feet of designated production and warehouse space. By producing and storing your products, your customers can easily pick their products, allows us to easily pack them, and allows us to efficiently ship directly to your customer. This provides the simplest and most efficient method for connecting your customers with your products. All of our programs have designated areas and staff, which ensures your products are verified and consistent with every order.

Our program is a full one-stop service for distributing all materials. Our ordering platforms and portals provide up-to-the-minute orders, allowing for consistent and efficient staging for picking and delivery.

Our goal is to pick, pack, & ship every order pithing 48 hours of receiving it, so all event dates are met.


Our Specialists

We’ll discuss your vision and the theme you want for your customized online store.


Your Items

Choose which products will be available for purchase from our extensive catalogues.


Your Artwork

Choose what artwork and logos go on which products and other customization options.


Items to Store

Once the decisions are made, we’ll upload all products to your store and handle the sales!

Full service

Packing & Shipping

We produce and ship the products to your organization or directly to the customer.


Receive product

Your customers will receive their products as efficiently as possible!

Program Portfolio

If you are still unsure about our program, or would like to see one of our stores in action, check out some of our current web stores below!

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